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LizzieLou | nablopomo,pets,year in review | Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Where to begin. Again.

Something might have me writing again, or so it feels at the moment, and I’ll get to that eventually. But first: how about a quick summary of what my life has been since :::checking last regular posting::: November 2012? Six years. Seems like forever! Seems like a day.

2013. This was a difficult year. Work was unsteady due to several grants ending. I had to piece together full time employment from several different sources, some less fulfilling than others, but all were similar coordinating and program management sorts of tasks that have been my calling since 2000. Ten years into our mortgage and some mounting debt started to get uncomfortable; we needed to get out of a bad line of credit that we never should have taken in the first place. The good news was that our house appraised for a bit more than we purchased it, and our refi with the credit union went smoothly and we’ve been in good shape ever since. (Fuck you Countrywide. Fuck you Wells Fargo. Fuck you Bank of America.) Whew. In April we lost Gomez – the Epitome of Uncomplicated Good, and the softest softy that ever lived – and then, in October, Ashleycrumb – our fierce blind princess – both from sudden and aggressive cancers. My grief is complicated to this day. I miss them constantly. Over the summer I had sprained my ankle again, badly. Actually I sprained both at the same time: first I lurched one way, then the other, then back again, and then I was lying in the yard, my gardening implements flung away, Weezie gazing down at me from the window. “Help. Weeze, go get help.” Eventually Lolly heard my moaning and came to rescue me. So, a tough year, but there were good things too. I kept up with the knitting for a while. I did some water aerobics at the local pool with my dear Uncouth Heathen. In September, Lolly and I were legally married. We had some witnesses and an officiant, and some prepared foods brought in from Whole Foods, and voila! Married. Then in November, for my birthday, I was walking home from the bus stop in the evening and Lolly approached me with a cocktail. I had called her earlier in the day and was surprised to find her out and about in the world (all the way in SHORELINE!). She wouldn’t tell me why. The reason was in the B’Room, still in his kitty-carryall, mewing up a storm. I had seen his picture before, but Franklin was so much more adorable in person. He clambered out of the carrier, onto my boobshelf, and he’s been there ever since. You see, Little, after losing his two best Canadians, was quite sad. Lolly thought he needed a new kitten. I didn’t put up too much of a fight.

2014. Franklin grew. I kept working. Lolly kept working. I played “DISQUIET” on Words-With-Friends and scored 269 points. My mother came for her annual visit in June; we stayed local. In July – I’m sure you’ve anticipated this already – I sprained my ankle. Frankly, I don’t even remember how I did it this time, but the proof is in my photo library: an ugly, purple, swollen ankle, from several angles. I had a bangin’ vegetable garden that year, and we got a new furnace.

2015. I tore the drop ceiling out of our living room, plastered over the holes I made (badly), and painted it. Willie, our new handyman, dug up the backyard and put down a pretty patio. I started a new project at work and hired two of the most lovely young people ever, who I still see regularly and keep me optimistic for the future. No small feat, as you can well imagine. I made gluten-free croissants for Lolly. It took days. We had some visitors and some dinner guests. My garden banged out a bitchin’ crop of hot peppers. Fall came and I wallpapered the living room. Everyone got older.

2016. My sister left Moscow and moved to Seattle in the beginning of the year; she stayed with us for a few weeks before finding her own place on Capitol Hill around the corner from the building Lolly and I moved into in the summer of 2000. I had a lot of physical therapy. My mother came out for her annual visit in the summer and we played tourist again: up the Columbia Tower, around the renewed Museum of History and Industry, and out to the Cascade Mountains. Lolly discovered flowers, and the joy of growing them in our yard. I survived the primary presidential campaign season by binge watching Lost Girl and rediscovering the joy of LEGO. I did not survive the election. Lolly did. Probably because a week later she brought another kitten home for Little. Her name is Harriet. She is a Ragdoll. She is Very Plushy.

2017. The only thing I finished knitting was a pink pussy hat. Due to a fucked up foot (are you surprised?) I wasn’t able to join in the Women’s March in January, but I felt every heartbeat around the world that day. I wept. And maybe started breathing again. I kept working. Lolly kept working. All five of our cats kept living. In May we started redoing the kitchen with Willie the Handyman and his crew: floor, counter, dishwasher, sink, tiles, furniture, and painting the walls and cabinets. I am still not completely finished. In August, I stared directly into the eclipse. I went to BrickCon, just as an observer. I dressed Weezie in a Wonder Woman costume. Harriet grew.

2018. In spite of the state of the world today, and that it’s been an exceptionally hard year for Lolly, we are hanging in there. I’m going to try to NaBloPoMo this year. In order to hit all my entries, I will surely have to fill in the details on some of these events, as best I can recall, anyway. Wish me luck!

What’s All the Crowmotion?

LizzieLou | nablopomo,wildlife | Friday, November 30th, 2012

First the gull started squawking. Then the crows started shouting and assembling en masse, mobbing I suppose you’d call it. (One would think one was tossing an old chicken thigh out onto the yard but one was really inside minding her own business.) On closer inspection, there was something happening on the roof next door. A bird was molesting another bird on the steep slope. I wasn’t sure why this would make all the crows upset until I realized that it was a hawk of some kind trying to kill one of the poor pigeons that roosts up there. I think I’ve seen this hawkish bird around before. I grabbed binoculars and the crappy camera, but I was too late to catch any of the action since one of the neighbors had come outside and was making a bunch of noise on his own. A little bit later, Ocho was looking out the front window and emphatically cherping. I peaked out and that hawk was perched on the wire in front of the house. I grabbed binoculars and the crappy camera again, but again by the time I got to the front window it was gone. I went outside to the backyard to look around and there it had returned to the roof next door, perched high on the chimney. The crows were continuing to monitor the situation and swooped down to sass the hawk who clung to the roof for a while, until finally they seemed to succeed in driving it off.

The hawk had a roundish body and a long tail with stripes across it, a light colored chest with brown flecks, and yellowish feet. It had a slight resemblance to a chicken when it ran on the roof, and it’s wings were… wingish. Looking it up later I think I have identified it as a Sharp-shinned hawk.

I totally needed my camera-toting entourage!

For the Birds

LizzieLou | nablopomo | Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I do not want to work today. I would like to go for a walk and draw pictures and knit polar bears and read science books and watch zombie television shows and play video games and bake more crackers and enjoy hot beverages with friends. Boo working!

You’re a Wanker, (Bus) Number Nine

LizzieLou | nablopomo,neighbors | Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

I knew things weren’t going to be good when I got to the bus stop this morning and there was already a gaggle of people standing there. Clearly, this was indicative of a transit problem. After too long, a bus pulled up and we all got on. I landed one of the old people seats in the front so that was cool, but then at the next stop, one of those old people needed to get on. I got up and went to stand in the back with another older lady and a blue-haired chick. The delays mounted as it took forever for the oldster and his Rascal ™ to get situated in the front. The lady next to me started hollering for the driver to open the back door. She’d had enough, I presumed, and decided to wait for the next bus. The driver didn’t hear her, so the blue-haired chick took gave a holler too. She had lungs. The door popped open and the lady got out, grumbling, and finally we started moving again. At the next stop, with another dozen or more people crowding on, I started to think that lady had the right idea. Sure enough, I could just make out the next bus coming over the hill behind, so I hollered for the driver to open the back door, but the driver didn’t hear me. Then I heard the blue-haired chick inhale. The sound started somewhere from the middle of her small body, some other-worldly cavernous sound-making place, and funneled out her mouth in a melodic resonant stream that rushed forward in a whoosh so clear that the whole bus was filled with the sound of “OPEN THE BACK DOOR PLEASE!” In the hush that followed the door popped open and I said, “Thanks! You’re really good at that!” She shrugged and said, “It’s my job.” That left me wondering as I waited alone at the stop for the next over-crowded bus to come by, “What sort of job would that be…? Opera singer? Soccer coach? … Yodeler? ”

It’s a Letter, Man

LizzieLou | crafty,nablopomo | Saturday, November 24th, 2012


This is my first real “intarsia” project, with the multiple strands of colors all hanging like spaghetti from the back of the design in progress. All I can say is, “whew” and “not as bad as I thought it would be.”

( And since Lolly wasn’t the only one who thought I was trying to spell out “hi” with the yellow yarn, I’ll point out that the letter inside the diamond is a “J.” )

Black Friday

LizzieLou | nablopomo | Friday, November 23rd, 2012

I don’t recall when the day after the holiday became more than the holiday itself. There used to be sales, the start of the xmas shopping season, the day after Thanksgiving. This I know. But how did it become such A Thing? Why do people have to go to work at 2330 in order to open the doors of the department store for shoppers at MIDNIGHT?

Yes, I realize that this is not a novel idea to blab about today, the whole W.T.F. of it all, but I can’t help it. Maybe it is because I generally dislike shopping that the ability to comprehend this mania, or empathize with its enthusiasts, eludes me.

That said, Lolly did find a good deal on some Tom Douglas’ seasonings at the Co-op this morning.

Gone Crackers

LizzieLou | eats!,nablopomo,Uncategorized | Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Not all cooking endeavors result in success….

Got No Time

LizzieLou | nablopomo | Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Missing a date. Gotta work to keep myself employed today. Deadlines! Deadlines!

A Short List of Some Recurring Dream Themes in Alphabetical Order

LizzieLou | dreams,nablopomo | Monday, November 19th, 2012

Celebrity Friends : Hey, you, famous person, and me, we’re just hangin’ out like pals, like buds. I don’t care that you’re famous. We’re cool like that.

Hero : Don’t worry! I’ll save you. Maybe I’ll fight some people. Maybe I’ll call 911. Maybe I will lift this heavy object or jump through this window. Rawr!

My Cats : They’re outside. Why are they out there? How did they get there? Ohmygod I have to get them. Oh no! They’re out again!

Other Cats : Oh so cute! No wait. Not quite cute. Sorta weird looking: tiny coffee bean eyes, a mouth full of human baby teeth, extra pointy snout. Oh well. Nice kitties

Public Restrooms : Filth! No privacy! Filth! Ugh! Filth!

Sorry : I know we haven’t spoken to each other in forever. Perhaps you’ve moved away. Perhaps I’ve moved on. Either way, it’s kinda nice to see you here.

Working : I’m there already and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet? And now I need to get up and go there again? Bummer.

CHX Recipe

LizzieLou | eats!,nablopomo | Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Here are my instructions. Actually they are America’s Test Kitchen’s instructions, more or less, but people have asked me, so I’m sharing.

need: large iron skillet
-chicken, Miss Roaster or Miss Fryer (about 5 pounds)
-oil (grapeseed or olive or whatever)
-salt, pepper, seasoning (nothing sugary)
-lemons and sage leaves optional

do: heat oven, with skillet inside it, to 450F
-rinse and dry chicken
-bend the wings back and tie the ankles together
-oil and season (stuff with cut-up lemons and sage)
-put backside down in hot pan
-cook for 30 minutes
-open window and put on fan to blow “flavor cloud” away from smoke alarm
-after 30 mins, turn off oven and let chicken stay there for 30 more minutes
-don’t get burned when removing hot splattery heavy chicken from oven
-remove from pan to rest for a little
-put cats upstairs
-give wings to lolly

-you will have to clean your oven, but you will have yummy chicken to eat in the meantime

additional note:
-definitely don’t wait too long to do that oven cleaning especially if you do this recipe several times or else you will have to open all the windows and disable the smoke detectors for 6 hours or more

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