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LizzieLou | large print,nablopomo,visitors | Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Here is one more photo from the trips around the sound this fall. I thought I was taking a snazzy series of photos to make a big 360 panorama… but the lens cover didn’t open all the way and it was a little weird to put together. But the effect is kind of like magical tape that you can peep through and see another world. Or, like, a little of Olympia.

I think you can click here to see it LARGE: olympano.jpg.


I hope that works so this whole post isn’t just a bust. (I’m having a little trouble with this revamped WordPress.)

Professional Image Pano

LizzieLou | large print | Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Here’s the lovely view outside of my window – from Li’l Crack Town to Mt. Rainier – while it lasts. There’s a lot less (alarming!) activity going on out there now that the area’s been fenced up. But it really doesn’t look too different. Soon there will probably be another new pastel ‘n’ beige apartment building. Poor Li’l Crack Town. Click thumbnail to enlarge smooshing of five photos.

I guess I can be the one who goes out there and stands on the corner and shouts obscenities if no one else is around to do it.

Mountain Pano

LizzieLou | large print,nablopomo | Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

I poked around in my iPhoto to see when else I might have endeavored to capture something panoramic. Here is a meadow at Mt. Rainier in August 2006. Clicking to view should bring it up around 2500×600 px. (So far no one has complained about the size of the last one.) These are both fun and frustrating. I’ll have to try again sometime with new photos using Matt’s hint about the manual setting.


More sky issues with these four photos, and I was standing on the side of a hill. This one isn’t as pleasing to me as the one from the zoo. Plus, there are no jingle boars.

Zoo Pano

LizzieLou | large print,nablopomo | Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Here’s the zoo panorama – take 1. I’m reasonably pleased with the result. Most of the joints are obvious. Like all puzzles, the sky is the most difficult; in this case it’s because the color changes so drastically between photos. Hopefully, if you click on the picture it will blow up to about 3000×600 px. Hopefully. And if it crashes your browser, I am sorry and please let me know so I can resize it.


This is made up of five photos from the overlook above the “Magic Forest,” home to the alpacas and the jingle boars.

[Edit: because it’s very doubtful that my photo, even if quite large, would actually crash an ISP]

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