LizzieLou | year in review | Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Hello web world. Happy New Year! Yes, I’m delinquent with my posting again, but I’ll back-date this to the 1st and you’ll never know. After my not-quite-all-there NaBloPoMo, December went by so quickly, and now it’s 2013. I didn’t even get all my end-of-the-year lists done. For shame!! Maybe a smattering of listage…

… A Movie List

I saw about 170 movies this year. I thought it would be fewer than that. I think I paid less attention to the movies I did watch because they don’t seem to be particularly memorable. In fact, I only have three favorites: “Take Shelter,” “Hanna,” and “Win Win.”

… Goals and Such

Nope, I didn’t learn to play the ukulele. Partly I blame Lolly because she thought it would be way cooler if I learned to play the banjo instead, so I feel she didn’t really fully support my ukulele endeavor. Although, in fairness, that endeavor only got as far as putting ukuleles and ukulele related accessories into my Amazon shopping cart, and circling that one that was in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, but still. However in regard to the banjo, I do have a friend who has a banjo and she did offer to lend it to me, but then I never got around to it. No one to blame for that but myself. I’ve left it on my list for this year, so we’ll see what happens.

The Big Plans for the yard didn’t manifest themselves either. Not sure why that happened. I think I probably went outside to do stuff but just ended up reading books, feeding birds, and bbqing meat.

And, I didn’t make pickles either. That too will have to carry over into the new year’s new list.

Nuts! I’d better go get started on my things and stuff.

Make Lists Much?

LizzieLou | movies,year in review | Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Here are all the 191 movies that I watched last year. (I know you were just dying to know. I aim to please.) They are listed alphabetically, but I bolded my favorites because you are no doubt dying to know that too. My least favorite movies I’ve X’ed out because they were so bad I feel angry just seeing them on the list.

127 hours (2010), 49th parallel (1941), about jenny holzer (2010), ace in the hole (1951), adjustment bureau, the (2011), affinity (2008), all good things (2010), American, the (2010), anatomy of a murder (1959), Arthur (2011), atlantic city (1980), baby face (1933), bad day at black rock (1955), bakjwi [thirst] (2009), battle los angeles (2011), beginners (2011), big dreams in little hope (v-2006), bitter feast (2010), biutiful (2010), black narcissus (1947), blechtrommel, die (1979) [the tin drum], blinkende lygte [flickering lights] (2000), blob, the (1958), blow out (1981), blue valentine (2010), boogie woogie (2009), bridesmaids (2011), brief encounter (1945), byôsoku 5 senchimêtoru [5 centimeters per second] (2007), cave of forgotten dreams (2010), cedar rapids (2011), cercle rouge, le (1970), cheat, the (1931), chico & rita (2010), children of the damned (1963), chung hing sam lam [chungking express] (1994), cinema verite (ctv-2011), conquest (1937), conviction (2010), crime d’amour [love crime] (2010), crimes and misdemeanors (1989), criminal (2004), cropsey (2009), cyrus (2010), date night (2010), days of heaven (1978), dead calm (1989), despicable me (2010), devil in a blue dress (1995), dip huet seung hung [killer, the] (1989), divorcee, the (1930), du rififi chez les hommes [rififi] (1955), eclipse (2010), ecoute le temps [fissures] (2006), edge of darkness (2010), elektra luxx (2010), elle s’appelait sarah [sarah’s key] (2010), everything must go (2010), fälscher, die [the counterfieters] (2007), family stone, the (2005), fanny och alexander (1982), female (1933), fifth element, the (1997), fighter, the (2010), fish tank (2009), Frances (1982), free soul, a (1931), frisco jenny (1932), ganske snill mann, en [a somewhat gentle man] (2010), gasland (2010), gentleman’s agreement (1947), gray matters (2006), green zone, the (2010), habitación en roma [room in rome] (2010), harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1 (2010), helena from the wedding (2010), hell on wheels (2007), hereafter (2010), himmel über berlin, der [wings of desire] (1987), hit, the (1984), holy rollers (2010), hot coffee (2011), hud (1963), hurt locker, the (2008), I’ll come running (2008), I’m not scared [Io non ho paura] (2003), iron man 2 (2010), jagged edge (1985), jeanne dielman, 23 rue du commerce, 1080 bruxelles (1975), jigoku (1960), killer inside me, the (2010), killing, the (1956), king’s speech, the (2010), kiss me deadly (1955), ladies in lavender (2004), ladri di biciclette [bicycle thieves] (1948), last exorcism, the (2010), leaves of grass (2009), let me in (2010), life during wartime (2009), limitless (2011), little trip to heaven, a (2005), lucky ones, the (2008), make way for tomorrow (1937), Manhattan murder mystery (1993), Maria Larsson’s eviga ögonblick [everlasting moments] (2008), mechanic, the (2011), mission, la (2009), mitt liv som hund [my life as a dog] (1985), modern times (1936), mon oncle antoine (1971), Mr. Hobbs takes a vacation (1962), murder at the vanities (1934), nanook of the north (1922), never let me go (2010), New Orleans music in exile (2006), New York, I love you (2009), night nurse (1931), night train to Munich (1940), off and running (2009), operation: endgame (2010), order of myths, the (2008), ordinary people (1980), other men’s women (1931), owls, the (v-2010), page one: inside the New York times (2011), paranormal activity (2007), partir [leaving] (2009), perfect host, the (2010), pickup on south street (1953), platoon (1986), potiche (2010), prime of miss jean brodie, the (1969), prodigal sons (2008), purchase price (1932), Pygmalion (1938), rango (2011), red (2010), red headed woman (1932), red riding: in the year of our lord 1974 (2009), red riding: in the year of our lord 1983 (2009), reel injun (2009), règle du jeu, la [the rules of the game] (1939), revanche (2008), rise of the planet of the apes (2011), robin hood (2010), roma, città aperta [rome, open city] (1945), salt (2010), scott pilgrim vs. the world (2010), search for beauty (1934), sex and the city 2 (2010), shop around the corner (1940), small town murder songs (2010), social network, the (2010), source code (2011), splice (2009), star trek: insurrection (1998), sweet revenge (1998) [the revengers’ comedies], thief of bagdad, the (1940), thin blue line, the (1988), thirst (2010), three on a match (1932), time traveler’s wife, the (2009), timer (2009), tourist, the (2010), treatment, the (2006), trip, the (2010), trolljegeren [troll hunter] (2010), tron (1982), tron: legacy (2010), true grit (2010), trust (2010), under the volcano (1984), unstoppable (2010), valkyrie (2008), village of the damned (1960), viridiana (1961), voyage of the damned (1976), wall street: money never sleeps (2010), waterloo bridge (1931), white dog (1982), white material (2009), wild and wonderful whites of west virginia, the (2009), winter’s bone (2010), women in trouble (2009), yi yi (2000), you again (2010), Z (1969)

A Boring Old Unicorn

LizzieLou | year in review | Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Last year wasn’t totally awful, but it wasn’t the greatest year either. Fair to middling. Mostly fair, if that’s worse than middling. But if middling is worse, then I’ve have to chose middling. Ok, really, 2011 wasn’t so great at all. Sorta sucky. And it went by so quickly, which I guess, with the suckiness, is actually a good thing, except with the getting-closer-to-death thing that happens with each passing year, so I guess you could say it’s all a wash. Would you say that? I dunno.

But, there were some good things and some surprises. In no particular order we have…

  • going to see tulips with my mom (yay!),
  • meeting my little cousin while visiting back East (yay!),
  • Ocho Kitty found (yay!),
  • weight that I lost also found (boo!)
  • finding out via The View and The Ellen Show that someone I dated eons ago is now in this one’s entourage (neither boo nor yay, just weird!),
  • getting a gold tooth (also just weird…& gangsta!),
  • playing tennis in summer (yay!), and
  • completing the NaBloPoMo (yay!).

In 2012, I think I might try to learn how to play the ukulele. Seriously. Why not?

Last Year in Reviews

LizzieLou | year in review | Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Favorite Movies I saw last year:

Persepolis (07)
The Savages (07)
Lars and the Real Girl (07)
The Visitor (08)
Planet Earth (06) – the miniseries; it’s not a movie really, but it needs to be here,

and, the educational film that is shown at the Rocky Reach Dam. Seriously, I loved that movie. I have no idea why.

Favorite Play I saw last year:  Godspell

Favorite Other Performance of last year (on CD): Julia Sweeney’s Letting Go of God

And… A Few New Things that I did last year:
Ate sardine heads
Broke a fibula
Drove over to Lake Chelan
Refinished woodwork
Saw wildlife doin’ it in the yard

I have high hopes for 2009. So far it is off to a good start.

Movie Trivia 2 redux

LizzieLou | movies,year in review | Friday, March 14th, 2008

fuck “Deathproof”

Now that this movie is on cable and I’ve had the opportunity to watch it again (or again), I realize that the only thing, the only reason, that made it so memorable and exhilarating is the precarious and anxiety producing game of ‘ship’s mast’ and the masterfully edited skills of Z. Bell. I have to agree with Matt that the dialogue sucks. The rest of the movie is a snore (with gore) and overacted.

Instead, I must replace it with “Stranger Than Fiction” which I’ve happened across and watched again. It’s funny, profound and much more memorable and lasting than “Deathproof.” Two thumbs up – both mine – and I move it over to the faves list. Amen.

Movie Trivia 2

LizzieLou | movies,year in review | Monday, December 31st, 2007

Here are my selections for five favorite movies watched in 2007. These are movies that had my full attention, made me want to watch them again right away, had me talking about them to Lolly and thinking about them for a while afterwards. I didn’t keep track of what I watched specifically this year, and the year flew by so quickly, so I had trouble with picking, but I’ll stand by these choices. Alphabetically, they are…

The Brave One (07)
The Dead Girl (06)
Grindhouse: Death Proof (07)
Police Beat (05)
Shut up and Sing (05)

Although, disturbingly, I am now seeing that these, with the exception of Police Beat, center around the abuse of women in some way. That’s fucked up… even if they’re not ‘xploitation and some of them return the ass-kicking in the end, I’m feeling a little hinky about my list here.

Really, I’m not a freak. No, really.

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