Excuse Me

LizzieLou | blogging about blogging,nablopomo | Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Being short on time for posting today, I checked into my drafts folder and I found a document that simply stated:

“Anything would be more dignified than tickling her piglet.”

Apparently there was a story there that I have since forgotten. What a shame!


LizzieLou | blogging about blogging,nablopomo | Thursday, November 15th, 2012

I’m always getting spam about improving my status and search-ability. I think I’m doing just swell. Some recent and popular search terms for this site have been:

1. bleh [Yes, I agree; it often does epitomize “bleh.” This post being a prime example.]

2. what do acid tabs look like [They look like tiny photos of my birthday presents. I guess I am sort of providing a public service here.]

3. eyeball dented [Fine, keep bringing it up. I still feel horrible about that.]

4. accident prone [This is a good match too. Although, luckily, not to jinx myself or anything, I haven’t tripped on the sidewalk, fallen down the stairs, walked into a post, chopped myself with the flower trimmer, or cheese-grated my own thumb in quite some time.]

5. horrible grass [This must mean the pampas grass monster. Holy shit, you should see this thing now. A photo might be in order here.]

6. girl trying to reach bubbles [Eh? As in … “Hello? This is Cindy. I’m calling for Bubbles…. No? … Oh. Could you tell me when he’ll be back?” I have no idea – I don’t ever recall posting about this.]

7. lollypalooza dolls [Obviously, people have heard about my awesome Lolly dolly and want one for themselves.]

8. kathren hepburn nipples [WTF. That is not how you spell “Katharine.” No, seriously – WTF???]

9. kitten mittens [This is a surprise! I didn’t know that Eelaine and Tery’s band had become so well known. Of course, they may just be Googling themselves.]

10. lesbo phone numbers [I am the keeper of all lesbo phone numbers. I have the phone numbers of all of the lesbian peoples everywhere. Also, Lolly has all of their email addresses.]

Exhibit B

LizzieLou | blogging about blogging,nablopomo | Monday, November 12th, 2012

When you are a lazy lump, you spend your extra day-off from work watching “The Pacific” miniseries. It’s only ten hours long. Then, you might play a little Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues, that you rented for 99p from the Blockbuster Video and feel like you wasted 94p because, like the tacked-on sequel to the original movies, the tacked-on sequel to the video game (LEGO version) is also sucky. (I have borrowed my friends’ Wii. Lolly and I have avatars. Sometimes we play ping-pong. Mostly I play that Indiana Jones LEGO game, the first one. Or I did, until I beat it and made it rain money and love from the sky. Ok, so it was just the virtual sky and no one really got money or love, but it did keep me out of Lolly’s hair for a while. Also, it siphoned away many brain cells and this is all I have to post about today.)

Exhibit A

LizzieLou | blogging about blogging,nablopomo | Saturday, November 10th, 2012

When you are a lazy lump, you don’t get around to finishing a blog post for your nablopomo. You do a little work and then you play computer games and get tired of sitting at your desk before you have accomplished your Very Small Goal. And now… some TV watching.

Rough Draft

LizzieLou | blogging about blogging | Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Oh no! I’m falling short of my goal of blogging every week this year. Maybe a flurry of useless posts here at the end of the month can catch me up?

Ok, so let’s see what I’ve got to blog about…. Hmmm… Taxes? Did ’em. Not much to say there. Had my annual physical. That was about as much fun as taxes. Had a bad cold for a few days. Also very taxing.

Yeah. I got nothin’. Check back later.

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