Saturday Was Also National Adoption Day

LizzieLou | dreams,nablopomo,pets | Monday, November 21st, 2011

I dreamt that I was visiting my parents and we were sitting at a picnic table in their back yard. From the field behind their house, a little grey cat came bounding up and jumped up to the back of my chair. I was startled at first and my dad looked at me like, “What is it with you and the cats?” I shrugged.

The kitty was cute and I think my parents were going to keep him. He started walking back and forth in front of me on the table I noticed that his front legs were short like a Munchkin. But you see that sometimes, and it’s no big deal. As I pet him, I saw other cats starting to come up out of woods and cross the yard towards us.

“Wow, Dad. I didn’t know you guys had such a feral cat problem here.” Now he shrugged, and asked me what I was doing. “I’m not doing anything! I don’t know why they’re all coming.” The next cat was an old one-eyed tabby. You see that sometimes too, poor old cat. The next one was missing an ear. The next one had a huge Cheshire Cat head with giant bugged out eyeballs. Oh, well, that’s a little weird. Another one had a squeezed up wrinkly pointy face and just one ear on the top in the center. Ahhh. Ew? No, I mean, you’re a sweet kitty, so nice! It’s not your fault! Soon there were about a dozen cats of different sizes, shapes, colors and freakishness all gathering ’round and mewing and purring. Oh no! What AM I going to do now!?!

And then I woke up.


  1. Ahahahahahahahaha! HA HAHAHAHA! ::snort:: HHHAAAAAA!

    Comment by Snickering Sister — November 28, 2011 @ 7:19 pm

  2. Not too hard to figure out where this dream came from!

    Comment by Eelaine — December 8, 2011 @ 2:57 pm

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