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I really like listening to the rain on the roof. It would be lovely and relaxing except for the fact that water is seeping inside. The upstairs back window weeps rain down the walls. Weeps more than I did about a certain kitty being outside on the porch. I have had three visits from two different handymen and another visit from a contractor to try to figure out what’s wrong. Basically, the persons who installed the window (sometime before we moved in), did it backwards – instead of putting it in from the outside, they put it in from the inside. Years later, despite lots of caulking and more caulking, it leaks. For two years I’ve been trying to fix this, and yes, clearly I could have had it replaced in that time, but I was ever hopeful. Also, I confess to being a little like that old farmer who didn’t need to fix his roof because when it didn’t rain, it didn’t leak and when it did leak, it was raining and he couldn’t fix it. So, I’m a fucking moron. And now it’s pretty much winter already which means we can’t put a gaping hole in the house (even more leaking!) probably until the spring. Blue tarp, here we come.

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  1. Ugh, you sound like me….try to save a little money until you end up having to spend the big money anyway. Hope it isn’t too expensive. :(

    Comment by Eelaine — December 8, 2011 @ 2:58 pm

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