LizzieLou | memoir | Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

My first bite of Fritos is always very profound. It brings a feeling like something special is going on, of anticipation and excitement. It’s involuntary, unconscious, it just happens.

When I was small, and my parents would have Company Over, I would get set up in my room with everything I needed so I only had to come out to use the bathroom and then could scurry back down the hall without interrupting The Adults. Sometimes I would even be allowed to have the portable black-and-white television in my room (knobs and rabbit ears and “horizontal hold”). One of these times, my Dad was getting ready, and getting me ready, and asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted for a snack that evening. I said, “Fritos!” hoping that there would be a little bowl prepared for me from the refreshments that would be offered in the living room. When he came back later, he gave me A WHOLE BAG. I couldn’t BELIEVE it! It was going to be an EXCELLENT night in my room.

My one hundred and seventy-ninth bite of Fritos leaves me with a very different kind of feeling.

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  1. ROFL 179 bites? Since most Fritos can be polished off in one go, this sounds like a bag and a half worth. Or perhaps one Family Fun Size bag. My gallstone twinged just reading this.

    Comment by Eelaine — January 31, 2012 @ 1:15 pm

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