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LizzieLou | lolly palooza,nablopomo,reading | Friday, November 2nd, 2007

I have some new books I am excited to read.

In spite of the spiteful library (JK SPL – I Luv U!), I continue to enjoy reading and I have recently finished:

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman (Speculation, science, history and a little bit of travel writing make this an engrossing read. It referenced the Will Rogers quote: ‘Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff.’)

Diary by Chuck Palanhuik (I first started this on audio, as read by the lovely Martha Plimpton, but only got through the first third. The rest of the book, as read by the lovely Me, was not as expected. And it referenced the same Will Rogers quote. Weird.)

Selling Seattle by James Lyons (This looked at examples of how Seattle and its icons were created and have been represented in the last couple decades. It did not reference the quote, but it would not have been surprising if it did.)

But the new books I got, for my birthday donchaknow, that I’m excited about are: Lauren Weedman’s “Woman Trapped in a Woman’s Body – Stories from a Life of Cringe;” 2008’s “Best Non-Required Reading;” Terry Moore’s final installment of “Strangers in Paradise;” Adrian Tomine’s new graphic novel, called “Shortcomings;” and, Harrell Fletcher & Miranda July’s “Learning to Love You More”. (If anyone needs inspiration for NaBloPoMo, their website may offer some interesting ideas.)

I self-imposed a moratorium on buying new books for myself, because I have so many in the house that I haven’t even gotten to yet, but dear Lolly can always bend my rules for me. Sweet!

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