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This morning I washed my own mouth out with soap. Not on purpose, it was actually due to some over-exuberant rinsing of my sudsy face, but the effect was the same. I thought my mother would probably be pleased about this if she knew how often and vehemently I use the swearing words….

I often start small with a plain old fuck, then proceed on to a fuckfuck or fuckingfuckfuck, and I can go back and forth between those for quite a while. Eventually, however, I will probably get to fuuuuuuuuuck. Often there’s a snarly, gutteral quality to this one which requires a particular kind of exhalation that I find satisfying. So, it can really be a bit more like, fffaaaaaahhhHHHHHCK.

Although shitfuck would seem to be my favorite based on frequency of usage. This is utilized regularly for sudden, surprising, accidental, or painful things. It has a certain “ba-dum-bump” quality that adds a nice punctuation to the unpleasantly unexpected. Plus these sort of incidents usually have two parts that make use of the compound word appropriate. For example: trip on cat <shit-> and spill coffee <-fuck>: or: whomp appendage on something <shit-> and experience blossoming pain <-fuck>. It helps – for me.

When people I don’t know are swearing it makes me ever so slightly afraid of them, like: maybe they’re fucking swearing so goddamn much about whateverthefuck just because they are fucking angry and could get really fucking violent at any moment and just pop off and do some shit. I do try to surpress this feeling because when I’m swearing in the grocery store or flailing my arms around at the bus stop, I’m not really going to pop off and do violence (unless you’re a transit vehicle). I wonder why should I feel so wary of other potty mouthed cuss bags when I am one myself. But monkey brain makes me scared and maybe other monkey brains get fearful too.

….In conclusion, my lesson from today’s inadvertant mouth soaping is that I swear way too fucking much, about way too fucking little, for no fucking purpose and am going to try to quit it.

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  1. I share your fear of strangers cursing excessively despite freely doing so myself. I was once paired with a terrifyingly impatient and bitter Best Buy employee for inventory. His job was to hold all the merchandise out for me to scan (a massively stupid way to do inventory, exhibiting a really insulting level of mistrust of us RGIS workers). He must have had some place to go or just plain didn’t want to be there (made two of us), because the faster he would try to rush through the process, the more clumsy he became, until CDs were literally flying — along with his epithets. I’m no prude, but when we stopped for a quick break I actually found a supervisor and requested a new partner, because he was really, really over the line inappropriate and made for an extremely stressful work environment.

    Comment by Eelaine — April 25, 2012 @ 11:53 am

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