Did You Bring Your Broomstick?

LizzieLou | nablopomo,pets,visitors | Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Does this look like a witch to you?

Some years ago, when my sister lived out in the boonies in Upstate, NY, she was startled awake one night by a loud crash and shutter, as though something had landed on the roof of her house. Nothing could be found that night and the next morning she and her man looked all around the house and couldn’t find a single thing amiss. The cause of the crash was never found. A little over a year ago, here in Seattle, Lolly and I were jolted awake by a similar loud bang from the roof, again as if something had crashed into it. I checked and checked again and found nothing.

Not too long after, I remembered to tell my sister about it when she called. She wanted all the details and I relayed them the best I could, but there really wasn’t very much information to be had.

“I bet is was a witch,” she said. “A witch that wasn’t paying attention to where she was going and she flew right into your house. That’s why you didn’t find anything in the morning!” We joked about finding a broken broom or a shoe in the bushes, and about the witch looking for her familiar and how she was checking out our cats, and the like. At first my sister was kidding, but then she seemed to convince herself that this is indeed what happened. Seriously.

When Ochokitty showed up, my sister hypothesized that the witch had come back. Even now she still brings it up. Yesterday she wanted some recent photos of the kitties and one of the ones I emailed her is the one above. Of course she had to call me to tell me she received it…

“Look at her eyes. She’s totally a witch. Or worse! I’d watch my back if I were you.”


  1. No. Just no. No again. HELL to the no.

    Besides, can’t you tell just by looking at her that she is our rescue panther? C’mon.

    Comment by Lolly — November 4, 2012 @ 4:37 pm

  2. Basement Cat.

    Comment by Eelaine — December 1, 2012 @ 4:17 pm

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