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LizzieLou | nablopomo,news & politics | Monday, November 5th, 2012

Tomorrow’s the Big Day.

Last week I was very anxious; I thought I might need some medication. This week, what there’s been of it, I am feeling much calmer. I find the calm about as disturbing as I did feeling troubled. My voting is done and I’ve appealed to those who may be voting the Wrong Way to not vote the Wrong Way, so I guess I’m feeling like it’s all out of my hands at this point. Bronco Bama was not my first choice, but the one I ended up with. Roseanne didn’t make it onto our Washington ballot. Just kidding! Gay marriage = yes. Weed = yes. Democrats = mostly (but with the “top two” format we have here, what sort of choice is there?) Sea wall = yes. Charter skools = no (although having had a lengthy discussion with someone more interested and knowledgeable about this issue than I am I might would go the other way if I hadn’t already voted).

I think what has made me the most upset have been the anti-gay marriage ads and “debates.” Stupid politicking and hypocrisy I expect in an election year. But these “marriage defenders” have made me just … furious, and sad. And annoyed because of my feelings about marriage in general. Although I am happy that it looks like it will pass. And that we might be able to celebrate with doobies. My very supportive straight-married supervisor at work (not be confused with my supervisor at home) thinks that if the gay marriage passes that we should have a big work wedding for the 50% of us on team who are gay and make our boss pay for it. Not for the doobies (probably), but just like for a nice dinner or something. She was a little giddy at this proposition.

Ah well. What can be said now but, we’ll see!?!

Tomorrow’s blog? Pictures of kittens.

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