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LizzieLou | crafty,nablopomo | Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I haven’t knit too many items so far this year. I have been working on larger items, most yet unfinished. I have done some smaller things, e.g. some “wedding bells” for my friends’ gay wedding, and a stash-reducing scarf that came out kinda cute.

One item that I did finally finish was the first sweater that I started a few years ago. Back then, in preparation of heading out into the world of knitting on my own, I bought one brown and one white skein each of a nice organic cotton. I tested a couple swatches, trying out some different kinds of stitches, and decided that I liked it so much I started a sweater: v-neck, size extra large. I don’t remember if I tested my gauge. (I hate doing that. I never match what the pattern says.) But I did learn that dye lot matters and you can’t make a sweater with one ball of yarn. I went out and got some more and kept knitting after the first ball was gone. Yikes! Stripes! I thought maybe I’d finish it just for me, for wearing around the house, because I still hadn’t purchased enough yarn to finish completely so the front was going to have mismatched dye lots too. I put it aside again and meanwhile made four and half other sweaters and an ark full of animals. This year, I finally got the rest of the yarn that I would need to finish and did the front and the sleeves and stitched the whole giant thing together. Done! It nearly fit me but was too snug-in-the-boobs (not shrinking) so I sent it to my dad for his birthday. He’s skinny and cold all the time so I thought it would be a nice soft, snuggly, TV-watching sweater for him.

Mom took a photo, which she sent me. While she uses a digital camera, she doesn’t know how to move those photos to her PC and email them. But she can print them from the data card and give it to the USPS to deliver. Here is my rendering of my mother’s photo of my skinny dad in the giant sweater I made:

drawn to scale


  1. HA! :) Winter time is the right time for me to enjoy my green sweater robe. YAY!

    Comment by LINSEY — November 16, 2012 @ 10:34 am

  2. I think that should be my next drawing?

    Comment by LizzieLou — December 3, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

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