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LizzieLou | eats!,nablopomo | Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Here are my instructions. Actually they are America’s Test Kitchen’s instructions, more or less, but people have asked me, so I’m sharing.

need: large iron skillet
-chicken, Miss Roaster or Miss Fryer (about 5 pounds)
-oil (grapeseed or olive or whatever)
-salt, pepper, seasoning (nothing sugary)
-lemons and sage leaves optional

do: heat oven, with skillet inside it, to 450F
-rinse and dry chicken
-bend the wings back and tie the ankles together
-oil and season (stuff with cut-up lemons and sage)
-put backside down in hot pan
-cook for 30 minutes
-open window and put on fan to blow “flavor cloud” away from smoke alarm
-after 30 mins, turn off oven and let chicken stay there for 30 more minutes
-don’t get burned when removing hot splattery heavy chicken from oven
-remove from pan to rest for a little
-put cats upstairs
-give wings to lolly

-you will have to clean your oven, but you will have yummy chicken to eat in the meantime

additional note:
-definitely don’t wait too long to do that oven cleaning especially if you do this recipe several times or else you will have to open all the windows and disable the smoke detectors for 6 hours or more

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