Goals. May 1993 (posted without comment)

LizzieLou | memoir,nablopomo | Monday, November 12th, 2018

1. give everything away
2. just get in the car and get lost for a few months
3. get married
4. MPH/PhD in medical anthropology
5. retire and go back to college for BFA
6. weight 149 pounds
7. shave head
8. Africa
9. Bangladesh
10. you get the point
11. speak fluent Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Swahili
12. visit every state
13. have a big O
14. be a (temporary) haircut
15. learn to SCUBA
16. hang glide
17. ride Great Adventure Batman Ride naked
18. walk on moon
19. be out and not care
20. stop getting attached to stupid things
21. stop hitting things with the bottom of my car
22. learn to ballroom dance
23. be financially independent SOON
24. go through Ropes
25. stop surface diving
26 .get published
27. write something really worth someone else’s time
28. (not in that order, necessarily)
29. die

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