LizzieLou | Uncategorized | Monday, March 9th, 2009

Dear Reader(s),

I have been too busy lazy to post. After spending 10 hours a day in front of a computer I’ve been more likely to spend non-work time doing other stuff, like knitting. I have been knitting and knitting (and purling) away. Even a little bit at work. So I figure I owe the computer some time now from home. Not much has been going on that I care to comment about, so instead I will answer some viewer mail.

@SpamMommy1 – If you lost 30 pounds in 30 days you are either a constant on the Biggest Loser or you are dead now. Or both. Piss off.

@SpamDaddy2 – Yes it is a great domain name for a site like this.

@SpamBaby3 – You’re welcome. But, I never commented on your blog so you must be mistaken. And, oh yeah, shut up.

Now should I go work on my taxes or watch Rachel Getting Married? I know…. I’ll go knit some more crap!

Love, LizzieLou

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  1. I have no response to this.

    Comment by eelaine — March 11, 2009 @ 11:17 am

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