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LizzieLou | crafty,nablopomo | Sunday, November 8th, 2009

So I’m shuffling through my folder of blog post drafts to see what I feel like working on this evening, but I can’t decide. Then I realize it’s been a week of nablopomo already and I haven’t finished telling the things I was going to tell about what I’ve been doing yet and here it is already time to move on to kitten photos. Although, they tend to get incorporated into things anyway. I’ll try to keep up….

I’ve been knitting this year. I know, I was knitting before, but it has really been since I was toddling around in my boot that I put in a little more effort. I went with a friend over to the local yarn store and picked up a ‘refresher’ class (n=1). Which means I sat on the other end of the table from the beginner class. However, when I gave the yarn lady a blank stare when she told me to cast on, I slid on down the table. I did get to the purling part of the refresher however because I KICKED ASS on my garter stitch. You betcha!

Then I began to make some things which included the purling.

First I made yet another scarf, but this time a k2p2 ribbed one. Came out pretty good and I mailed to my sister.

Next I made a bag for my mother. Squares are good. At work we started a small knitting circle (a triangle actually) for a time, but then we got the feeling that our boss, while demonstrating interest and encouragement for our crafting in general, had intimated that perhaps work hours were not the best time for our group to meet. It wasn’t much of a group really, given that I was the most experienced of the three, and alas we disbanded.

Then I made a tank top, the Stitch n’ Bitch Mud Flap Girl Tank Top without the Mud Flap Girl because I thought I would end up sending it to whichever member of my family it ended up fitting. I kept getting asked the question, “If it is cool enough to wear something knitted, wouldn’t it be too cool to wear a tank top?” Ok. Good point, but I was knitting with cotton so perhaps it would be appropriate for a Cool Summer Evening. I mailed it off to my sister and as far as I know no one has worn it yet.

Then, a sweater for Little out of the left over tank-top cotton. It is harder than you might think to get correct measurement for a cat. They are twisty and bendy and don’t hold still very well. Result: too small of a sweater. It’s too short and I had to wear it around my leg for a while in order to stretch it because otherwise it would have strangled him. He can wear it, and he’s very sweet about it, but I know he wishes it was larger:



Then I had even more cotton yarn that I got on sale, but it was too pastel for anyone in my family to wear so I started making baby items for my college roommate who had one on the way. More items from the Stitch n’ Bitch book; I think they came out pretty okay:



(not the baby)

Now I’m working on a full size adult sweater. It started off as a goof, but then I got some momentum. But then I didn’t have enough yarn. Dye lot? Yeah, it matters. So maybe this one will be for me and I’ll start doing some more sweaters for my sister since winter is coming and she is small.


  1. The biggest challenge about knitting I suspect (apart from making a cat sit still — yah, I’m totally sure his only regret is the size) is finding enough people that love you enough to accept the end result as a gift. Note: I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. I hate getting things from my mother and I would hate getting them even more from you. Unless maybe you can knit a cosy for my Wiimote or something. Just kidding. Can you knit an LCD HDTV?

    Comment by Eelaine — November 11, 2009 @ 11:25 am

  2. oh, bear, really? are you sure??? I have something all picked out for you:

    Comment by LizzieLou — November 11, 2009 @ 7:10 pm

  3. LOL Bleah to the sweater, but to the hat I say YES. Why isn’t it for sale???? BTW this srsly looks like Tracey FCW. Perhaps this is where she’s traipsing off to when she leaves her dog outside for days at a time?

    Comment by Eelaine — November 12, 2009 @ 11:23 am

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