high school journal entry #19

LizzieLou | memoir,nablopomo | Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

The rehearsal was 2 days ago. What a hassle! What a group of people to have to work with! I screamed and yelled at everyone. Even TeacherT and TeacherB. What a perfect pair. Two egotistical, self important, stubborn, pains in the ass! TeacherB and his fundraisers. My nose is brown but it is the only way to get anywhere with certain people.

Ugh. Girl, you are so right. Certain people are just so unreasonable. But lemme ask you… how can you scream and yell at people and brown nose them too? Maybe something like…”YOU ARE SUCH A TALENTED AND SMART GOD DAMN ASSHOLE! I WISH I WAS YOU!!!”

Now M. is really nice. Funny I never noticed – but then I didn’t know him did I? A cancer. I always fall for the cancers and the aries. One’s good, one’s bad. I wish I’d be around in a few years from now – I could really fall. But as it is, it is how it is.

I don’t know; did you know you didn’t know him? You are so deep and profound. Why haven’t you won a prize yet?

It snowed and snowed. I still got to go to P.’s though. Good. “Who’s not coming?” The one person I wanted to see wasn’t going to make it. A. went and got him. But why? What a waste of time. It didn’t matter though because I got so high on natural endomorphs or whatever that I just danced and goofed and had a good time despite the underlying panic and let down. I guess I went insane. After he left, I crashed. BIGTIME! I dropped like a rock.

Oh, if you only knew just how much of a waste of time it all was. That boy you liked? He turned Mormon and you turned out Lesbo, so that would have been quite a match. But thank god for those endomorphs, no? Especially the natural ones. They can really liven up a party. BIGTIME!

S. and I talked. We never really had. Even at Whitesnake, or Stacey’s, or Math. We had a nice “chat.” H. and I talked too. Something we never do after being so close. She’s a lot different – more preppier like A. and S. (YUCK!). But inside she must be basically the same.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. It was probably real hard for you to hear each other “chatting” at Whitesnake, and you weren’t supposed to be having special “chats” in math class. And, yes, you are still right – preppies are YUCKY!

It was a great party!




    I’m a cancer. And an endomorph (natural type). And I saw Whitesnake once.

    Comment by jenni — November 25, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

  2. We’re in agreement that endomorphs can really enliven a party. I’d even go so far as to say they do so BIGTIME!

    Comment by Lolly — November 26, 2009 @ 8:35 am

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