The Month in Review: Other Life Forms, and More of the Same

LizzieLou | pets,reading,visitors | Friday, August 31st, 2007

Lest you think I have been so dejected by collisions and candidates that I could not bring myself to write, I must declare, it’s been a busy month.

Mother arrived in town and stayed with us for the first week. I tried to find new things to put on the itinerary for the annual visit, but I might be running low on local attractions that will keep her interest. She’s all about the traveling for the sake of traveling and the educational opportunities that it presents. She wants me to go on an Alaska cruise with her. I try to get her to convince my Dad to go with her instead. Mightn’t they want another honeymoon after 40+ years? Anyway, here’s what we did this time; pictures may eventually appear.

Day 2: Cougar Mountain. She really likes tigers and there were tiger cubs on parade at a nearby zoo. They also had cougars (duh!), emus (terrifying!), alpacas (smelly!) and lemurs (urinating!). That evening we cooked out at home. Lolly is an expert with the beer can chicken.
Day 3: Olympic Sculpture Park. This is newly opened since Mother’s last visit. It’s nice for hanging out in, however the sculpture is a bit sparse. This was also the weekend of Seattle’s Seafair brouhaha so the Blue Angels were buzzing around, traumatizing all the house-cats in the downtown area. I hate them and everything, but I have to admit that it was an entertaining challenge to try to get photos of them as they came out of nowhere. We spent the rest of the day walking around the waterfront and up to the Pike Place Market again. (Of which one should be reminded: Summer + Saturday = many many tourists, not even counting Mother.)


Day 4: Ballard Farmer’s Market. Mostly we hung around at home this day because on…
Day 5: We arose before dawn to get down to the pier on time to take the Clipper up to the San Juan Islands and go whale watching. I found it really enjoyable to be on the water all day. The scenery is beautiful of course. We saw a whale (elusive!), seals (fat!) and eagles (eating seal pups!). I sometimes forget that I live near the water in spite of seeing it on a regular basis. I don’t know how to explain that any better. I now have the idea that I might join a sailing club next summer. (Eelaine will understand if I hesitate, as having one’s own weather system might make sailing hazardous.)
Day 6: The Underground Tour. Again, very very crowded. This was unfortunate as it made our group have to rush through to make way for the group behind us. They were selling out every tour all day. This tour will soon be featured on some ghost hunter show on TV; my ghost hunting sister will be thrilled. We also went up the Smith Tower, which I hadn’t done before. I liked it up there.
Generally, we had a nice week; although, I think we were both pretty tired the whole time and it led to periodic crabbiness (by me.) Familial interactions just wouldn’t be as memorable without a little woe.

During this visit of Mother, Lolly and I noticed that Ashley was a bit subdued. At first we thought she was pissed off at having the door to the back bedroom closed. She likes to hang out in there most days and Mother didn’t want the little creatures frolicking in her things. But then it became apparent that she was walking funny, almost limping. She had shown some limping a week or two prior and we thought she probably crashed into something or fell, but by the time the vet appointment came around she was better. This time her gimp didn’t clear up and we thought her toes were off kilter and bugging her so we went in to the vet’s office. The doc that saw her couldn’t tell what was wrong so we were sent home with some pain meds and a follow-up appointment. She was more concerned with her weight loss since the last visit than she was with her toes.

Ashley didn’t seem to get better and I began to suspect something other than crooked toes when she got even less active and then eventually had a fever. We called up and got an appointment with our usual doc, the Best Vet Ever, and we have been trying to figure out what’s going on with the Ashleycrumb ever since. About three weeks now and counting. Just this weekend some blood work has ruled out multiple myeloma, but it could still be FIP (shocking!), pancreatitis (unusual!), or some other inflammatory thing (mystery!). The doc has prescribed oral narcotic, oral antibiotics in capsules I coat in butter before sticking them down her throat, probiotic goo, laxative goo and most recently an oral anti-inflammatory that seems to have had the best results so far in returning our little princess to normal. Of course, feeling better, she is right pissed about all the molestation. She is scheduled for an ultrasound on Wednesday and by then all the blood work should be back and maybe we’ll have an answer.

Then work has been busy.

And it’s WNBA playoff time. A big time-suck that has been quite exciting as sports features go.

After all this, I did not get all the books read that I had planned in order to get in more entries to win the Big Bookbag of Crap from the summer reading program that ended August 31st. My last entry form was a bit cheap, I’ll admit, but because all three titles were checked-out of the library I have to assume that they can count.

Deogratias: A Tale of Ruwanda by Jean-Phillipe Stassen (A graphic novel about a young man during war in Ruwanda showing in flashbacks what lead to his madness. )

Red Eye, Black Eye by K.Thor jensen (A graphic novel about a young man who spends a few idle months riding around the US on a bus and the stories of people he meets.)

Lucky by Gabrielle Bell (A graphic novel about a young woman looking for an apartment, finding a job and generally eking out a living as an artist in NY. )

I have also been reading a few other things, but sadly was unable to finish them in time to submit to the Big Sweepstakes. No word yet on what I’ve won. No notification emails except Due Date Reminders… Gulp! Can I still win if I owe fines???


  1. I was quite excited to catch a glimpse of you in your mum’s glasses. Do you realize how long it’s been since I’ve seen you? And yes, sailing would be quite nerve-wracking indeed with your OWS.

    Speaking of which, hope you’re prepared to recycle all your tourist activities when I come visit (not this year, obviously. I’m fresh out of vacation time.)

    Poor Ashley! Hope she gets better soon. : (

    Comment by eelaine — September 4, 2007 @ 4:54 pm

  2. I’m happy that you liked my self-portrait. Has it been so long since you’ve seen me that you can’t pick out which is the “real me” on the Every Woman page? Hardee har!

    MORE tourist activities? Oh okay. Where is it you’re thinking you would like to go when you come here? Tell me now so I can avoid going to those places until you arrive. :)

    Comment by LizzieLou — September 5, 2007 @ 1:28 am

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