Little Red Diary

LizzieLou | | Monday, September 3rd, 2007

4-20-1977 and 4-21-1977

Dear Diary, today me and my family went to the Franklin Institute. We went to Franklin Court. We went to Independence hall too. The thing I like best of all was the heart in the Franklin Institute. We went to see the liberty bell. I had alot of fun.

Dear Diary, today Me and my mom went to the shopping store. I also went in the bank with my Dad. When I was at shopping store I even got my cat a rubber mouse and ball. They had a bell too.



Dear Diary, I went to New York. In new york we went to Radio City Music Hall At The Radio City Music Hall We saw a move and a stage show. I went with my Mother sister grandma my Aunt and my cousin!



Dear Diary, Today in art Debbie, Alex, Chis, Cara, Sue and DON made a play: The 50’s. It was that bad. *J. bugs me so much I whant to sock her one. I wish I could make Steven’s face come out his “you know what” hole. He tries to show-off but he’s realy a gay-lord. I bet when he goes in Johns houses they get in his bed. *Julie take so much time in the bathroom. I wonder. I hope Rachel feels better soon. Poor baby.

11-20-1980 and 11-23-1980

Dear Diary, JOHN didn’t bring his sax today. I was kind of sad it seemed so boring. I think he might like me. My favorite day was probelly the I had my Smarties with me. “To JOHN (XO) not that serious.” Peven acted like a bitch today, again. I can’t get over what a show-off he is. (God Damn son of a fuckin bitch.) Want to tell people I read J’s diary. Wish some nice boy (JOHN) would kiss me! Go’n cam’in t’morrow. Hope I have I good time. Maybe I’ll bring you with me. Rachel has Rosella or something like that but the worst is over. Thank God. Amen

Dear Diary, On Friday I left for [Girl Scout Camp]. Our car was the first one there, so we had too wait. Anne Marie is a Moron. She, like Peven, is a show-off. That night Tammy and I had to go get firewood in the dark. Then we finally ate! On Sat. we hiked 5 to 6 miles. We also hiked to the “Wick House” and to siohlder huts. There we had to preted we were in the “Continental Army I carried the back pack an hour and a half. We had Pattington plays and a “Gong Show” too. Again Anne Marie showed off!


Oh yea, back too Friday. We had a seance with a OIJEA broard. Christen shot J.R. I hated my mess kit. Everybody laughed at it. I whittled a eagle and I’m still working on it. Tammy and I have our own little spott for whittling. It’s really need-o! Today I came home. Nothing else exiting happened.

P.S. Forget to tell you on Thurs. my Reading class saw a play. (Mrs. J’s class) John was behind me in line and almost sat next to me. Then Blarney Stone Kennedy said “We’ll let all the girls in the front and the boys behind”, I said “Crap”!

11-24-1980 and 11-25-1980


Dear Diary, JOHN acts shy. I wonder if it means he might like me a-tich or poseblly, more. I just gotta get nerve to say that I like him in some way. To bad theres no sax lessons this week. But, I still get to see Karl! Hope it’s raining t’morrow then mabey Me & Tam can play some games. Not much to say so cutting-off gotta watch TV. So, it’s bathy time for me!

Dear Diary, You’ll never guess who I hit today. O.K. I’ll start at the begining. I did almost everything with Suzi [F] today. She’s Jewish-Christain, or something like that. So, I invited her over. We played STRATEGO and baby-sat for RACHEL. We watched television too. O.K. Well, we went outside to play and Peven and Chris [T] “raided” us. They came and went, but, then they turned around and yelled “RAID” and “stalked” us. Chris got Sue and Peven got me. He pushed me in the boobs and said “I’m sick’a yoo callin’ me names and stuff,” so I belted him one; between the cheek-bone and the nose. I aimed for his nose. He looked at me in a startled way, but he recovered fast. He said “Fuck’n ass-hole. I’ll kill you”. He lunged at me but I stuck out my foot and he crashed. Then he hit me between the armpit and the elbow. Then I punched him twice on the bridge of his nose and his right eye. THAT WAS THAT! He probelly won’t bug me any more but, I wouldn’t count on it. I didn’t even feel his face. I’ve had it in me for nine years, and now I’m letting-go. –> When I hit him I got so exited I wet my pants. Chris and Sue didn’t really do that much.

11-26-1980 and 11-27-1980

Dear Diary, Peven has a bruise by his mouth and a swollen eye. Scuff him! He didn’t bug me either. The Galbraiths came tonight. They went to church with us. I get to bed at 12:40. Boy I’m tired. Just think tomorrow is THAKS-GIVING! Ellen and Karl, Aunt Jane and Uncle Fred are comin! HORRAY!

Dear Diary, Happy Turkey Day! Went to Oma’s for dinner. Mangle’s of Balt were there but, the Mangles of Whipp weren’t. We ate turkey, stuffing, potatos, peas, pickles, carrots, gravy, and, as an appitizer, grapefruit. For dessert we had 3 pies! Lemon marage, Pumpkin, and Apple. We had ice-cream! too. I was full. We saw I funny cartoon, and the “Sound of Music” for the 100drth time. But, I had fun, and thats what counts, Right? Right!



Dear Diary, We* (Ellen, Karl, Julie and Jennifer) went roller skating. I didn’t fall once. Julie says she’s so much better then me. She kept to the rail and the bench the whole time. We* (“)and Rachel) went to get our pictures taken too. For the first time I whore a bra & knee-high stockings. I feel alot more mature. I’m going to where a bra from now on. It wasn’t really a bra just a half undershirt. Mom let me keep the knee-highs. We (everybody) also went to the Mangles of Whipp for dinner. I had a dream about JOHN last night.

11-30-1980 and 12-1-1980


Happy New Year 1.rst. Sun. in Advent 4 more weeks to Cristmas. Went to Adv. workshop. So-So?

Dear Diary, Sorry I haven’t writen Nothing exiting happened Today some new kid named Joey came. Everybody says he is cute, but, he’s not all that. I like JOHN better. Sue said she was moving on, or around, the 14th. I’m reading the Bible. It’s interesting! I wore my bra to school today. I’m very tired. So Bye-bye.

12-2-1980 and 12-3-1980


Dear Diary, Peven still has his bruise. Now, it looks like a bruise on a rotten peach. Julie found out the first words to “EMOTION” by the “Bee Gees”. They’re “It’s over and done.”… I thought they were “So Veranda”… I have over $30.97 not including my coin collections. Went to G.S. making “pom-poms” (Anne Marie is a [asshole] and a lier. Julie just tried to take you. I screamed “SHE TOOK MY DIARY! ” ” ” “” Now your back

Dear Diary, Julie stayed home today with a sore throat. JOHN didn’t walk fast like useally does. It might be because I was walking next to him. I think he likes me! I with Cristine & David didn’t take sax. Then me and JOHN would be alone. I was the one kid that got 100 in diagraming. Mrs. Richereds and Mrs. Joaquin were proud of me.

12-4-1980 and 12-5-1980

Dear Diary, Today was so nice! I was sharing my sax book with Chistine. I couldn’t see so I moved over a speck. Then JOHN said “Share with me, or, Sit over here.” I was so starteled and overwhelmed with happyness I stard at him. I soon, a split second or more, a inched over to him. I looked at Chistine and she looked at me in a astonished way. I was so happy. He talked to me on the way to math too. He jogged to catch up to me WEEEE! Mom was late for pick-up for Humer. Tammy & I were going to walk home.

Dear Diary, JOHN doesn’t go to Mr. Humers anymore. Mabey I’ll be able to talk him into it. Nothing else happened. Boring Day

12-6-1980 and 12-7-1980


Dear Diary, Today I went to the chess tornament. Didn’t do that hot. I played with my knights.

Dear Diary, Went to church, played with knights, saw “Hero at large” again on HBO. BORING DAY



Dear Diary, I can’t remember anything but Julie being in a good mood, seeing a dead baby octipi in school, and Mr., Blarney Stone, Kennedy almost kissing me. He is a creep I slid away, down and fell on the floor in a half-split. Mabey I can’t remember more is because I’m writing this at 6:50 on the morning, on Dec. 9!

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