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LizzieLou | | Friday, November 9th, 2007



These I am still trying to keep. Perhaps I shall try again next year.


On deit.

This is just sad. What 11 year old puts herself on a diet?


School room: pig stye. The pipes burst. Had to ficks.


No heat in school. Freezing! Whent to Brenda’s. Watched T.V. ate Fridos, and tried to play “Family Feud” but it wouldn’t go together.

We also watched “Wonder Woman” or perhaps, more precisely, I watched “Wonder Woman” and Brenda was trying to put the board game together. I recall being a little annoyed that I was not allowed to stare as intently I as I wanted to at the television. Nicely played down in this diary entry, Secret Lesbo.



No school. Snow day. Had snowball fight. Well not really. Scott B eats slush. B A R F !

1-10-81 and 1-11-81


Mad at Tam, Beck. C.J. etc. etc. Beck is a assine, fat, crapy, pig! Will not talk or play with them anymore

Chruch. Sun. Sch.: Had to pretend to be play blind person. Some kids had no arm, or one hand. We had to make peanut butter crackers and help each other. My parteners: Scott D. Peter L. and Wayne.

Apparently I couldn’t even go two weeks being nice to others. The reason why Becky was an asinine, fat, crappy, pig was because I slapped her for chomping a cucumber in my ear and got yelled at and sent home by her mother. My shameful behavior kept me defensive for weeks, especially when my friend was also mad that I hit her sister. Car pools to the girl scout meetings were distressing. I kept trying to find reasons not to go, to no avail.

1-14-81 and 1-15-81


Saw movie on menstruation. Was only one in the class who didn’t know.

Rachel is now 14 months. Martin Luther Kings Jr.’s birthday. had to read on the P.A. system with Tam.

Oh the menstruation movie. This was a bad day at school. The boys were sent to one classroom and the girls to another. The teacher was mysteriously vague as to why this was happening, or perhaps I was not paying attention at the beginning. She started out by asking if “anyone had developed yet.” I looked expectantly around the room to see who would be raising her hand. I wondered if I should raise my hand. I thought maybe that new girl, Kim, should raise her hand because she kinda had boobs. I sorta was getting boobs, but maybe I wasn’t as “developed” as the teacher was looking for. No one raised her hand. Then the horrifying film strip started, complete with instructions about how to use The Belt and The Pads. Holy Shit. Bleeding? Are you kidding me? I can’t believe I almost raised My HAND! . . . Then it was lunch time and recess. One of the boys came up to me and said, “I know what you girls were talking about in your class.” I denied it. “I do too! You were talking about getting your periods and stuff.” Nope, nope. “We did not! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”


I think I like Chris T. He’s very nice to me.

Wow, high standards there. Thanks for not being cruel like the other children, wanna get married?


HOSTEDGES (HA HA) RELEASHED “Ruby Tuesday”… “Freedom Tuesday” Reagan is now the 40th pres. of the US. of A.

I was a fan of Reagan. This is why eleven year olds should not be allowed to vote. They are too easily frightened by impending nuclear war (and sharks). My friend (when I wasn’t slapping her sister) and I made a silhouette of his head and filled it with campaign pictures cut out of Time magazine and US News and World Report. Our teacher sent the large collage to the White House for us after the election. She received a thank you, addressed to her, for the nice work done by her class. My mother thought she was a little shady to take the credit.


Tammy’s birthday. No big deal. Still a moron, but we get along.

1-30-81 and 1-31-81


On report card I got 7 A’s and 1 B+. I got the B+ in Math, but my average is 90.2. Handwriting went up and my no.# facts, in math, too.

MOM’S BIRTHDAY. Gave Mom breakfast in bed. I made it real speical and said it was from Rachie & I. Gram & Hope kidsat white Mom & Dad ate out. Hope gave Julie me a doller for having a good report card. She gave J.* one too, even though she got a C-.

I wonder what grade I got in Spelling.

2-15-81 and 2-16-81


Jenny came over today and ate over. We played “clue” & “password”. We also played with Rachie. Rachie is now 15 months old. She is a big girl.

Saw part I of “Plant of the APe’s” It’s really a good movie.

2-17-81 and 2-18-81


Saw part II of “The Plantet of the APes”

Rachel must have poked herself in the eye. It’s all red & sore looking. She was crying & crying. When she rubbed her eyes she cryed. I hope she gets better. She went to the doctor & got a patch, but she ripped it off. Poor Baby. Saw “Conquest of …”



Rachie’s eyes is alot better. Thank God. Saw “Beneth the Planet of the Apes”. I think they’re out of sequnce. The Wu’s came off over to eat din. Are Very nice.



Someone tried to shoot Reagan shot in left side by arm

I find this to be a curious diary entry. Did I think that history would forget that someone tried to assassinate The President? Did I think I needed to mark the day for future generations? Why didn’t I write about frantically calling my collage-pal and spending that afternoon a foot away from the television watching the footage over and over again?

6-11-81 and 6-12-81


Found baby robin – “Sammy” Saved him from cats. My little puff-ball

School Play for school “Wheels” really dumb My chair didn’t go on the bleachers right so I fell right off. Brenda sleep-over stayed up late too. I Love Her Cause She Love Rachie / shes also my very best Sammy died Free [RIP]

Yeah right. THAT’s the reason I loved Brenda. It must have been; we didn’t have anything else in common. This must have been a very busy week for me: not actually saving birds and performing musical numbers. Wow, I hated that play; it WAS dumb. Of course because I was tall, I had to sit on the back top row of the risers on the stage. When my musical number was on, I stood and the boy next to me folded my chair so I could turn and climb down the back. When it was over I climbed back up, he unfolded the chair for me and then I sat. Except that during this performance for the school, he left the leg of the chair off the back of the riser so when I sat down I went over backwards off the top. The chair clanged below as I fell into the curtain; I looked up and saw the lights and decorations waving around like they might fall on me too. Once the initial concern wore off, the mockery began, no matter how I tried to explain that it wasn’t my fault.


School Play at night everything went OK


Half-day YiPPe! Last day of SCHOOL

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